Beautiful Flowers for your Landscape Design

We all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” With all the rain Eugene got this April, you can bet there will be a lot of beautiful flowers this May! Flowers are a wonderful addition to any landscape design. They add color, fragrance, beauty, and life to outdoor and indoor spaces.

At Glenn Landscape Services, we are starting to grow our own flowers and plants in our very own nursery with the hope that they will soon find better homes in your yard or garden. Here are some of the beautiful flowers in season during May which you might want to add to your landscape.


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Delphiniums are perennial flowers that are typically blue, but there are also pink, purple and white varieties. They are a favorite among gardeners not only for their stunning beauty and fragrance, but because they are also deer resistant. They grow best in sunny morning areas protected from the wind where the soil is consistently moist, and there is some afternoon shade. Mature delphiniums can reach six to nine feet tall, however, there are dwarf varieties that top out at around three feet. They are also great to use in arrangements as they make long-lasting cut flowers.



Pacific Coast irises, which are native to our area, are a series of small, beardless irises which vary in color depending on species. They prefer well-draining soil and do not like root disturbance so plant them where they can stay undisturbed, and they will continue to bloom year after year.



Peonies are long-living, low-maintenance and deer resistant perennials. They prefer very sunny locations with well-drained soil and thrive in the Pacific Northwest spring and summer climate. You may want to water them occasionally during their first summer, but once established they are pretty drought tolerant. Fertilizing isn’t necessary for these hearty beauties. They can bloom every spring for decades.



Roses do very well in the Pacific Northwest due to its warm, dry summers and rainy, mild winters. Portland, Oregon is nicknamed the “City of Roses” for this very reason. For strong, healthy roses, they need at least five to six hours of full sun each day. During the dry summer, be sure to completely soak the entire root zone of your roses at least twice a week to ensure water is reaching the deep roots. Adding mulch around the base of your roses can also help conserve water and encourage healthy growth.



There are numerous varieties of snapdragons, ones with dwarf, intermediate and tall stems and a range of beautiful colors. They are happiest planted in sunny locations with well-drained soil and need to be watered regularly during times of no rainfall. Snapdragons are also deer-resistant and planting them in your garden could deter deer from nibbling on your vegetables as well. They make marvelous indoor arrangements and many are very fragrant.



Hinted by its name, the sunflower thrives best in full sun. These tall, beautiful, bright flowers are tough and can pretty much grow in any soil as long as it’s not completely saturated with water. Sunflowers can withstand some drought although they prefer regular watering, especially right before and after they flower. Sunflowers are remarkably easy to grow, do not require fertilizer, and can easily grow to six feet tall in just a few months. Be warned, sunflowers are definitely not deer-resistant and are a favorite to nibbling deer, birds and squirrels.



Tulips are one of the easiest flowers you can grow. In warmer summer climates, tulips prefer morning sun and afternoon shade. They dislike excessive moisture so be sure their soil is well-drained. After you plant the bulbs in autumn, give them one thorough watering to wake them up. After that, they require very little to no watering at all. After the flowers have wilted, be sure to deadhead them. Some species of tulips can remain in the ground and others need to be removed annually after the foliage has yellowed for about six weeks.

Glenn Landscape Services offers care for annuals, perennials and roses if you ever need any extra gardening help. These services can also be a part of your weekly or monthly landscape service plan. If you have any questions regarding flower and garden care, contact us and we will be happy to help with any inquiries.

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