The Benefits of an Irrigation System

If you are looking for an efficient way to water your lawn, garden, and landscape, an irrigation system is a smart choice. At Glenn Landscape Services, we design, install, and repair irrigation systems for homeowners in Eugene, Oregon, and surrounding areas. 

Decrease Water Waste

With an effective irrigation system, you will be able to minimize water waste and see a decrease in your water bill. Unlike hoses and movable sprinklers, irrigation systems are automatic and consistently use only the amount of water that is programmed. Correct placement of an irrigation system prevents wasteful overspray and runoff.

Drip irrigation systems are great for gardens as they allow water to be delivered directly to your plants’ roots. No water is wasted through evaporation or overspray. As a bonus, drip systems will also reduce weeds by minimizing surface water where weeds germinate.  

Glenn Landscape offers a winterization turn-off and spring start-up service for systems which will save water during the rainy season and only use water during the drier months.

Save Time and Money

Irrigation systems are perfect for busy homeowners who just don’t have time in their schedules to fit in watering. Both drip and sprinkler irrigation systems have automatic timers that control when and how long watering takes place.

Increase the Value of your Home

A healthy and vibrant green lawn is a major selling point and can boost the value of your home. Irrigation systems ensure that your lawn stays luscious and green year-round and will give you the time to work on other projects around your home rather than spending it watering every day.

Maintain a Healthy Lawn or Garden

An irrigation system’s main function is to keep your lawn, garden, and landscape healthy and happy. With an automatic and consistent watering schedule, you’ll never have to worry about whether your landscape is getting the necessary water it needs.

Let Glenn Landscape Services handle the design, installation, and maintenance of your irrigation system.


Photo by UBC Micrometeorology via Flickr

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