Does Landscaping Increase Home Value?

Is landscaping a way to increase your home value? There are many ways to boost your property’s perceived value. Increasing the curb appeal is definitely a strategy you can use for this.

Landscaping offers many low-cost improvements. Use multiple approaches to raise the appeal of your outdoor space. In turn, you can see how the value of your whole property lifts up, Century 21 Doug Anderson says.

In this article, you’ll learn about practical ways to beef up your landscaping and increase your home value.

Use the power of mulch

Do you have flowerbeds in your yard? Adding mulch is a way to improve fertility, boost the visual appeal, and conserve soil moisture. And adding mulch is a great way to reduce weed growth.

There are many popular mulch varieties. You may use wood chips, grass clippings, leaves, and bark chips. Using peat, sawdust, and straw could reduce plant growth. Take care when using mulch made with wood. The product may contain or provide food for termites.

Avoid niche solutions

Flower beds along a fence

Planning to sell your property means you have to keep the buyers in mind. Opting for eclectic or unusual landscaping solutions and you might find it harder to sell your home. There’s not much use in raising your home’s value for a handful of people who will appreciate it.

That’s why it’s smart to conduct proper research. Try to answer the following questions:

  • What are the current trends in landscaping?
  • How can I raise the property’s value for an average buyer?
  • Which landscaping solutions have gone out of style?

Install landscape lighting

Landscape lighting solutions can make a huge difference. The products available on the market today are easy to install. You can light up the garden for romantic evenings or outdoor BBQ parties. Yards that get very dark at night could use a lighted path for a safer home environment.

Lighting allows you to get creative. You can use it to silhouette the trees and also use a variety of colors. High-end lighting systems let you set the ambiance depending on your mood, season, and occasion.

Add new structures

A lit pergola with furniture and drapes at night

The exterior view isn’t only about flowers and trees. You could add new structures to your home for raising the curb appeal. Here are some ideas:

  • Install flower boxes. You can hang them on the porch railings.
  • Add colored benches and tables that match the overall color scheme and design.
  • Install a porch swing for additional relaxing spots.
  • Upgrade your exterior view by adding a patio or deck.
  • Install a paver patio for ultimate comfort.
  • Open up an outdoor fireplace with a nice sitting area.

Balance the seasonal varieties

Depending on your location, you may use seasonal plant varieties to keep the yard looking beautiful all year long. Some flowers are able to bloom only once a year. Mix flowers with different blooming times to keep your yard colorful for most of the year.

Upgrade the exterior hardware

Commit to a hardware facelift and you’ll see a big difference. This upgrade won’t strain your budget. Try some of the following things to refresh the exterior look:

  • Buy a new mailbox after making sure the style suits the overall look.
  • Add new house numbers.
  • Install new door handles and knockers.

Don’t want to replace any doorknobs? Get them polished instead. Even a simple retouch like this will take years off your home.

Label everything that grows

Plants with tags at a nursery

You can gain extra attention from your buyers when you label all the flowers, herbs, and shrubs. Usually, this approach works well with people from a variety of backgrounds. You can design the labels using your personal computer and print them out.

Choose fragrant flowers

Did you know that fragrant flowers may get prospective buyers to like your home more? Colors are nice, but the sweet scent of flowers attracts buyers like bees. These are the best fragrant flowers for your home:

  • Lilies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Roses
  • Fuchsia

Maintain your lawn

People love a lush, green lawn that looks healthy and cared for. Regular mowing and watering are essential. But sometimes you need to take extra steps to make your lawn stand out in the neighborhood. Put organic fertilizers to work and aerate the lawn for better growth.

The bottom line: does landscaping increase home value?

First impressions last. This is true of your curb appeal. Landscaping definitely increases home value. You are able to use a variety of methods to upgrade the exterior look of your home.

You could try low-budget solutions, such as adding mulch or buying a new mailbox. Bigger investments may include an upscale landscape lighting design or building a front porch.

This article was provided by Rebecca Fults with the Doug Anderson Century 21 team.

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