How to Care for Your Hardscape During Winter

Landscape care and maintenance mean protecting your hardscape as well. With winter here to stay for a little longer, Glenn Landscape Services is here to provide you some tips for caring for your hardscape and preventing damage due to winter weather.

Although it doesn’t snow very often in Eugene when it does occasionally snow or freeze there are steps you should take to make sure your hardscape avoids any damage. You may be under the illusion that your hardscape is invincible to destruction, however, it’s actually very vulnerable during winter months and a particularly harsh storm or freeze can cause serious damage. Here are a few tips to help ensure the longevity and quality of your hardscape surfaces.

Avoid Metal Shovels

If you need to shovel your driveway or other hardscape surfaces, make sure you use plastic or rubber-edged shovels and be gentle about it. Metal shovels can scratch or chip the surface of your hardscape.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

De-icing is extremely important for avoiding injury to yourself or others on icy surfaces. Try sticking to calcium-based products and natural rock salt. Some chemicals can damage the surface of bricks and pavers so natural rock salt is better in this case. However, don’t use rock salt on concrete, try sodium-free products or sand on concrete instead.

Seal Cracks

Water expands around nine percent in volume when frozen and water that gets into cracks can freeze and expand, worsening the cracks. It’s important to seal cracks before winter freezes set in to avoid the risk of a freeze making any cracks in cement bigger. Removing weeds from between pavers is also a good idea because as they grow they can also cause separation and cracks.

Clear Drains

Clearing drains during the winter can help ensure that snow and other debris does not accumulate onto your hardscape and cause damage. Also be aware of water runoff and make sure there are no areas where water can get trapped and freeze onto your hardscape.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding your hardscape and winter weather precautions. We also offer landscape design and build services and can assist you with any project you dream of for your outdoor space. Check out our monthly blog for tips and other information about all your landscaping needs!

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