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Want a healthy, beautiful lawn at an affordable price for your home or business? Hydroseeding from Glenn Landscape Services may be the answer. We provide beautiful lawns in a matter of days through hydroseeding to Eugene, Springfield, and Lane County.


Hydroseeding is a method of seeding turf using a tank sprayer and a slurry of mulch, seed, fertilizer, water, and a biodegradable glue (corn silk).


A custom-mixed blend of seed for shade

Typically, if you have shaded areas in your yard when laying sod it will only do well in the sunny areas. This is because sod growers in the Valley grow a blend of perennial rye grass, which does not do well in shade. This causes moss to grow and, in some instances, take over completely.

The solution is to hydroseed with a blend of perennial rye and fine fescue grass. Both are fine-bladed grasses that look the same and the rye grass will thrive in the sun, while the fescue will thrive in the shade which will balance out your turf for a beautiful, even lawn.

Customize the seed blend for tough-to-grow areas

Another application of blends would be for high traffic areas or a more drought tolerant grass. You will want a type of fescue grass which is a wider bladed and a more deeply rooted type of turf.

Save time and money

You can enjoy a beautiful lawn with hydroseeded grass at a fraction of the cost of sod. When applying wet slurry, we can pre-germinate the seed so it is alive and you will see results in days instead of weeks.


Hydroseeding costs about $0.10 to $0.13 per square foot. This includes the seed, fertilizer, mulch, and labor. A 2,500 sq. ftlawn would take one hour to hydroseed at a cost of $325.00.

Sod costs about $0.37 per square foot, plus the additional labor costs to lay it which is about $0.60 per square foot. To lay sod for a 2,500 sq. ft. lawn would cost about $2,425.00. 

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