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We take into consideration the irrigation needs of a climate like the Eugene/Springfield area. A quality, long-lasting irrigation system starts with a good design. Glenn Landscape Services understands the importance of using quality parts that are installed properly to increase the system’s longevity and efficiency.

As the demand and the cost of water become higher, it is important to have a good design in order to conserve. The most costly part of an irrigation system is not the installation, it is the water that flows through it over time.

At Glenn Landscaping Services, we design irrigation systems that are low pressure and are zoned properly to save water. This is especially relevant in an area like Eugene, Oregon where people are more environmentally conscious.

We also offer controllers that automatically adjust to weather conditions from a weather station. Not only does this help our customers save water and money, it also saves you time!


As with any system, they need maintenance. Glenn Landscaping offers a winterization turn-off and spring start-up service for systems. We offer repair service and tune-ups as needed.  Let Glenn Landscape Services handle the design, installation, and maintenance of your irrigation in Eugene, Oregon and surrounding areas.

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