Landscape Design Ideas for Backyard Privacy

Having an outdoor living space has many great benefits. However, many people feel that backyard privacy is a must in order to feel fully comfortable in their space. Achieving backyard privacy can be done with some simple and creative landscape design. No matter how much space you have to work with or what your budget looks like, there are plenty of options to achieve optimal backyard privacy with Glenn Landscape’s help.

Privacy Fences

Possibly the most obvious solution for backyard privacy is to build a fence. A six-foot-tall solid board or vinyl fence is an easy way to provide maximum privacy as well as noise reduction, especially in a limited space.

If you prefer to avoid a closed-in feel to your yard, semi-private fences are another great option. Semi-private fences often have gaps big enough to let light and airflow in yet small enough to keep pets contained while still providing a decent level of privacy.

If you wish to add a bit more aesthetic appeal to your fence, climbing vines or trailing plants will add greenery and more privacy to a full or semi-private fence.

Including lattice or a baluster top to your fence is also a good way to add complexity and visual appeal.

Water Features

When it comes to privacy, noise reduction is also something that should be taken into consideration.

Landscape water features are a great way to mask unwanted noise from the neighbors and street traffic while simultaneously replacing it with the soothing sounds of nature.

At Glenn Landscape, we specialize in customized water features such as fountains, waterfalls, and ponds. We will work with you to take your budget and space into account and design and install a water feature that perfectly fits your landscape needs.

Stone Walls

A stone wall is a beautiful addition to any backyard and provides maximum privacy. Stone walls come in a variety of material options including limestone, slate, stacked stone, flagstone, marble, and granite, so you have many options to choose something that compliments your home and current landscape design.

A stone wall costs more than a fence but will last a lifetime and require minimal landscape maintenance. To save on costs of material and to break up the monotony of a wall, you could build a shorter stone wall and top it with a fence or lattice.

Faux stone is also an option to reduce costs but maintain the look and feel of a beautiful stone wall.

Trees, Shrubs, and Hedges

If you want to obscure the view of your yard from your neighbor’s second-story windows, planting tall trees is a great solution.

Deciduous trees are preferred as they provide shade and privacy during the summer months when you’re most likely to be enjoying your outdoor space, and then lose their leaves during the fall and winter to allow more light into your backyard.

Shrubs and hedges also provide excellent backyard privacy without needing a fence. They act as a natural screen that reduces noise and blocks wind. Arborvitae hedges and shrubs are fast-growing evergreens that work well as privacy hedges as they grow tall and narrow and won’t lose their foliage, which is great if you want to have privacy year-round.

Contact Glenn Landscape Services for more information on how you can achieve backyard privacy through professional landscape design.

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