Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips for Busy Homeowners

A landscape should be inviting, aesthetically pleasing, and find a balance between art and functionality in a way that meets the needs of the homeowner. All landscapes require some maintenance. Gardens and yards are dynamic and the work isn’t over after the initial construction and planting.

As professional landscapers in Eugene, Glenn Landscape Services is here to provide a few low maintenance landscaping tips for the busy homeowner.

Pick Native Plants

If you’re looking for low maintenance plants, it’s best to choose native plants that are meant for the local climate. Make note of the growing conditions in your yard and choose plants specifically suited to them.

Some beautiful plants native to Eugene include the lady fern, wooly sunflower, red flowering currant, Douglas’ aster, Oregon iris, and riverbank lupine. The City of Eugene also has a list of native plants that the city recommends for use in landscapes.

Place sun-loving plants in the area that get full sun for at least 6 hours a day. Plants that thrive in full-shade conditions will do best on the north side of your home or under trees with dense leaves. Partial shade plants do best when they are placed on the east or west side of buildings where they either get direct morning sun or afternoon sun but no midday sun.

Consider a Lawn-Free Landscape

There are alternatives to having a large grass lawn that needs to be constantly mowed and watered. Converting lawns into low maintenance planting areas with native plants is one solution.

Another solution is using a lawn alternative such as dwarf mondo grass. Mondo grass is a type of groundcover related to the lily and can be used to resemble a lawn or to fill areas between pavers and stepping stones. Dwarf mondo grass is great for areas that you don’t want to mow or are difficult to mow. Other grass-like groundcovers include lily turf and sedges.

Automatic Irrigation System

Automatic irrigation systems can save you time and effort and you’ll never forget to water your garden again. Depending on the type of planting, specific irrigation systems work better for some than others. For example, a drip irrigation system might be most efficient for trees, shrubs, and flower beds, while an underground irrigation system with pop-up heads could be most effective for your lawn.

Glenn Landscape specializes in the design, installation, and repair of irrigation systems. We design systems that are low pressure and zoned properly to save water. We also offer controllers that automatically adjust to weather conditions from a weather station in order to help our customers save water and money.

Hire a Professional Landscape Company for Maintenance

Because all landscapes need some type of maintenance, sometimes it’s best to simply hire a professional landscape company for maintenance. At Glenn Landscape, we offer weekly and monthly service plans that are customized to your specific landscape maintenance needs. All our employees are trained, courteous, and thorough lawn care professionals. We use well-maintained equipment to provide your landscape with the best quality care possible.

If you are a busy homeowner in need of some landscape maintenance assistance, such as an irrigation system or lawn maintenance plan, contact Glenn Landscape online or call us at 541-461-4375.

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