Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance in Eugene, Oregon

Gardens and yards are dynamic, and the work isn’t done after the initial construction and planting. Gardens need ongoing love and attention and sometimes your busy schedules can’t always provide all the TLC a garden or yard needs. That’s where Glenn Landscape Services comes in. We offer weekly and monthly yard and garden maintenance plans, customized to your needs, and we provide service to the entire Eugene/Springfield area.

At Glenn Landscape Services, our approach to maintenance is to keep your lawn and garden healthy and happy. If a landscape's soils, plants, and lawns are growing properly, they will be less susceptible to disease and insect infestation. A healthy garden and lawn is accomplished through proper watering, fertilization, pruning and preventative maintenance procedures done in an appropriate and timely manner. Consider what goes into making a beautiful lawn, yard or garden in Eugene, Oregon. A well-maintained landscape adds value, livability and gives the neighborhood and owners a sense of pride.

All our employees at Glenn Landscape are trained, courteous, and thorough lawn care professionals. We use well-maintained equipment to provide your landscape with the best quality care.

Service Plans

Weekly Plans Include:

* complete yard care service
* maintenance with a scheduled day of service
* mowing
* edging
* weed control in lawns and planting areas
* pruning
* fertilization of lawns and plants
* leaf removal; blowing all walks, patios, decks, and driveways
* insect and disease control
* garden care for perennials, roses and annuals
The convenience of the weekly plan provides for all your landscaping needs that could come up on a weekly basis and can be tailored to the specific needs of your outdoor space.

Complete Monthly Service

A monthly yard care service plan includes everything in our weekly service except weekly mowing. We are happy to provide mowing when we come out for our monthly service, but the homeowner should mow in the weeks in between service.

The benefits of a monthly service agreement are that it keeps costs down and takes the responsibility and pressure off the homeowner to provide plant and bed care.

Other Services

Overwhelmed by an overgrown, messy garden? Don’t know where to start? We also provide cleanup of neglected landscapes and help you get a fresh start for the best chance at a successful and healthy outdoor space.  

No matter what your garden, lawn or landscape needs, we are extremely flexible and happy to come up with a plan that works best for you!

Whether you need maintenance for residential or commercial landscaping in the Eugene or Springfield area, you can trust Glenn Landscape Services. We pride ourselves on our high-quality and reliable yard care and maintenance services.

Ready to hire professionals to maintain your yard and landscape? Contact us today, and we'll get your yard in picture perfect shape!