Tag: Lawn Maintenance

The Benefits of an Irrigation System

If you are looking for an efficient way to water your lawn, garden, and landscape, an irrigation system is a smart choice. At Glenn Landscape Services, we design, install, and repair irrigation systems for homeowners in Eugene, Oregon, and surrounding areas. 
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Mulching Your Leaves into Your Lawn This Fall

Mulching leaves during fall is an environmentally friendly alternative to raking and bagging up leaves off your lawn. Mulching provides many benefits and it saves you the backache of raking up leaves every weekend. At Glenn Landscape Services, we always want to provide you with cost-effective and labor-saving landscaping ideas to help you have an […]
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Early Spring Lawn Maintenance Tips

There’s definitely nothing wrong with getting an early start on beautifying your lawn and landscape. March brings in milder weather and is the perfect time to start preparing for spring and summer. At Glenn Landscape Services, we are here to help you with all your landscape design and landscape maintenance needs. Here are some landscaping tips, […]
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