Hydroseeding Service in Eugene, Oregon

Wanting a healthy lawn at an affordable price for your house or business in Eugene? Hydroseeding from Glenn Landscape Services may be the answer. We provide beautiful lawns in a matter of days through hydroseeding to Eugene/Springfield, Oregon, and Lane County.


Own a beautiful lawn using hydro-seeded grass at a fraction of the cost of sod. Eugene area businesses and residences can benefit from Glenn Landscapes specialty services in this area.


It is a seeding turf method in a lawn with a mulch slurry, seed fertilizer, water, and a biodegradable glue (corn silk) applied with a tank sprayer.


  1. A custom-mixed blend of seed for sun shades, high traffic areas, and erosion control for slopes.
  2. Cost savings compared to sod. 85% savings on the cost of sod and labor to lay it.
  3. Cost to Hydroseed minimum of $425.00 per 100-2500 sq. ft. and addition to .12 cents per sq. ft after 2,500 sq. ft.
  4. Pregermination – we can pre-germinate the seed in our nursery with an additional $25 per 5000 sq. ft. Through soaking methods and heat, we bring the seed to life, and it saves germination time.

How Do We Prepare The Ground for Hydroseeding?

  1. Soil preparation – as with any method of seeding the soil should be: A. Sub-soil/till; B. Add amendment compost blended mint (this is not necessary but highly recommended); C.Till in compost and grade, rake, roll, rake again ensuring there is a smooth consistent grade with no low spots where water will pool and create puddling. After the final roll when raking ensure, there is a 1/2″-1″ of loose soil so the slurry will mix with the loose soil.

How to Care For Hydroseeding? Do's and Don't

A. Watering – as with any method of seeding, set your sprinkler to operate automatically and keep the seed moist at all times. But not saturated or standing water will occur, in the spring, it might mean 1-2 times per day, and in the summer when temperatures are in the 90+, it could mean 5-6 times. Do not water at night when seeding. The duration of run time will be determined by the type of sprinkler you have. When we come out, we can instruct you on that.

After germination takes 1 or 2 start times off and reduces run time by 25% unless the temperature increases dramatically.

Keep weaning the run and start times a little each week for a month. So you end up with one start time and one run time and you will be ready to mow. Set your timer at night at this point.

B. Fertilization – we will add a Time Release Fertilization to the mix. But as much as you will water we recommend you fertilize again in 3 weeks. THIS IS ONE of the most important things you can do to prevent red thread fungus and damping off the seed. Then we recommend you fertilize every month through the growing season from February – November. 

Do not use weed and feed or any board leaf killer for 3 months after seed the young turf will be susceptible.

Fertilizer Type – we recommend a slow-release coated fertilizer well balanced with trace & micronutrients and at least 3% of iron.

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