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Irrigation Systems

We take into consideration the irrigation needs of a climate like the Eugene/Springfield area. A quality, long-lasting irrigation system starts with a good design. Glenn Landscape Services understands the importance of using quality parts that are installed properly to ensure the system operates trouble-free.

As water becomes more expensive, it is important to have a good design to conserve. The most costly part of the system is not the installation; it is the water that flows through it over the life of the system. At Glenn Landscaping Services, we design systems that are low-pressure and are zoned properly to save water. This is especially relevant in an area like Eugene, Oregon, where people are more environmentally conscious.

We also offer irrigation controllers that automatically adjust to weather conditions from a weather station. 

A WIFI Controller is also an option. You can be anywhere around the world to manage your irrigation system.

Not only does this help our customers save water and money, but it also saves you time!


As with any system, they need maintenance. Glenn Landscaping offers a winterization turn-off and spring start-up service for systems. We offer repair services and tune-ups as needed.

Let Glenn Landscape Services handle the design, installation, and maintenance of your irrigation in Junction City, Oregon, and the surrounding areas. Call us if you need reliable service around Lane County for irrigation systems.

Irrigation systems (such as automated lawn sprinkler systems) are one of the best investments you can make in your landscape.

Irrigation services include spring start-ups, winterization, repairs, and improvements.

Installing an automatic irrigation system is a complex task. That’s why it is best to hire qualified professionals, like Glenn Landscape and Design Services.

Irrigation can efficiently water your entire yard, including:

  • Flower Beds
  • Hedges
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Trees & Shrubs
  • Green Houses
  • Raised Beds
  • Pots & Planters
  • Vegetables
  • Ground Cover/Lawns

Glenn Landscape and Design Irrigation Services Includes:


  • Repairing of all irrigation systems
  • New commercial or residential systems installed
  • Rooftop drip systems
  • On-site Weather Stations
  • Latest water conservation technology


You can depend on us because this is who we are and what we offer:

  • Highly experienced
  • Up-front, honest and reliable work
  • Customized to client specifications
  • Guidance throughout the process
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • We manage all aspects of your irrigation, landscaping, and lighting needs and transform your yard into a beautiful, self-maintaining, water-efficient oasis.

If you need a sprinkler system for your garden or a golf course, we have the training and expertise to ensure even irrigation at proper rates for every square foot of your property. 

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